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        Vision, Mission, Goals and Values

        NOC Annual Report and Finances 2020–2021

        This is our second annual report, but this last year has been anything but routine. The new NOC is taking shape, with strong governance established and new funding streams being developed. The charity is stable and well, despite the challenges of COVID-19.

        View the NOC Annual Report and Finances 2020–2021

        Our enduring mission is to ‘Make Sense of Changing Seas’

        The National Oceanography Centre, existing in its various forms for over six decades, is one of the largest charities in the UK with an annual turnover of over £60 million and employs over 600 staff. It is one of the few research organisations globally that has the equipment and expertise to operate at full ocean depth.

        We make sense of the changing seas, on which future human prosperity and wellbeing depend.

        The NOC provides Facilities to the UK Marine Research Community

        Advances in ocean science depend on measurements in the ocean. Satellite observations provide data for the surface layer of the ocean. To penetrate beyond the surface, scientists rely on in situ physical measurements from a range of platforms, including research ships, ocean observatories, moorings, and autonomous underwater and surface vehicles.

        More about Facilities

        World-leading innovative Science and Technology underpinning the Ocean Economy

        The National Oceanography Centre is in a unique position of having world-leading multi-disciplinary scientific and technical expertise which can help unlock the economic and societal potential of the ocean across a range of industry sectors.

        Working with Business

        A gift allows you to have a direct impact on world leading ocean research and innovation

        More about giving